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Ancient Greek Melody & Mystic Poetry - Meriem Ben Amor Feat. Dimitri Mahlis

“Once Upon a Time” introduces the music of Meriem Ben Amor, a rising talent in the world music arena. Meriem Ben Amor is a Tunisian-Canadian singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer. She performs a captivating mix of Arabic and Persian music, Tunisian Maluf, Sephardic songs, Spanish influences, and modern elements.

Stylistically, Meriem Ben Amor’s transfixing vocals have connections with the sounds of Natacha Atlas, Dead Can Dance and Niyaz. Meriem sings in various languages on this album, including Arabic, French, and Ladino.

On “Once Upon a Time”, Meriem Ben Amor collaborates with acclaimed American producer and musician Carmen Rizzo and various international guests. Meriem and Carmen masterfully intertwine vocals, traditional acoustic instruments and cutting edge trance electronica.

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Album Credits:

Vocals & Arrangments: Meriem Ben Amor | Music Production: Carmen Rizzo | Studio Recordings: Sean Holowaychuk at Profile Sound Studios & Marc L’Esperance at Heavyosonic World
Headquarters | Soloists: Itamar Erez, Lache Cercel, Ali Razmi, Dimitri Mahlis, Habib Meftah, Hamin Honari, Hannah Iqbal, Nazih Borish | Music Transcription: Don Ogilvie | Pre-Production: Stephen Nikleva | Artwork: Amanda Bagg | Mastering: Dale Becker & Hector Vega | Mastering Assistants: Fili Filizzola & Conor Hedge | Sponsor: Canada Council For The Arts