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Apodosis - A tribute to the Tunisian poet Sghair Ouled Ahmed

Lyrics: Sghair Ouled Ahmed | Video Production: Rabii Ben Ibrahim | Music & Vocals: Meriem Ben Amor | Violin: Hannah Iqbal |Music Production: Carmen Rizzo | Studio Recordings: Profile Sound Studios | English Translation: Soumaya Hedhili | Pencil Drawing: Mildred Andeola


جواب الشرط

إذا كنتِ خارطةً كالتي نحنُ فيها
وأنثى تُطِلُّ على البحرِ والملكوت
فانّي أراكِ، على سُلّمِ الشِّعرِ
صاعدةً صاعده


If you were a map, like the one we belong to now
And a woman overlooking the sea and the kingdom of heaven
Then I would see you, on the stairway of poetry
rising in ascension